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Category : dbtools
Version : 1.1.7
Views : 68792 Views
Ratings : 2.900 out of 5
Votes : 10 Votes
Reviews : 0 Reviews
Space Required : 0.91 MB

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Overview RockMongo is a MongoDB administration tool, written in PHP5, is Best in PHP world, more like PHPMyAdmin.


  • Runs fast, and easy to install
  • I18N (English, Chinese(English, Chinese, French, Japanese, British, Spanish, German, Russion, Italian)
  • System
    • Multiple hosts, and one host can has multiple administrators
    • Switch among hosts freely
    • Password protection
  • Server
    • Server info (web server, PHP, directives in PHP.ini ...)
    • Status
    • Databases overview
    • Replication status
  • Database
    • Query, create, drop, repair
    • Execute commands and javascript codes
    • Statistics
    • Profiling
    • Users management
    • Data transfer(clone)
    • Export/import
  • Collection
    • Advanced query and explain tool
    • Read, insert, update, duplicate and remove single row
    • Query, create and drop indexes
    • Validate collection
    • Clear all records in collection
    • Remove and change a batch of criteria matched rows
    • Statistics
    • Rename
    • Modify properties (capped, size, max ...)
    • Data transfer(clone)
    • Export/import
  • Field
    • Update/Remove/Clear operations
  • GridFS
    • View chunks
    • Download file

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